Age of Apocalypse #1 Review

Written By Fabian Nicieza Art by Gerardo Sandoval and David Curiel The archetype for the Secret Wars style event, one where a line ends to be replaced by


All New Archie #1 Review

  Writer: Mark Waid  // Artist: Fiona Staples // Publisher: Archie Comics You know the guy up there? No? Yea you do. We all do, he's one of the most


Strange Fruit #1 Review

  Written by J.G. Jones and Mark Waid Art by J.G. Jones   Southern trees Bear strange fruit Blood on the leaves And blood at the roots Black bodies Swinging in the southern breeze Strange

Video Games

Star Wars Uprising Gameplay Released!

Star Wars Uprising has finally released gameplay footage via their twitter page. Honestly, let me say that for a mobile game, THIS LOOKS AWESOME. Enjoy

Uncharted 4

Extended ‘UNCHARTED 4′ Trailer from E3

Naughty Dog is back again at E3 with an all new extended trailer for their upcoming blockbuster game, “UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End!” The trailer